Who We Are 

Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand that started as an idea in the printmaking department at Parsons School of Design 2006 and grew organically over the years. All pieces are hand made with love by our small team between our Los Angeles, CA and Hudson, NY studios. Starting with a blank canvas, Clare Bare transforms raw materials into unique textiles using organic dyes and printing techniques. We use upcycled vintage and sustainable materials to create one of a kind and limited edition styles. Our pieces are designed to accentuate your assets in a natural way, using time-honored techniques yet fashion-forward silhouettes. 

What We Do 

Rather than adhering to the market calendar, we design pieces whenever inspiration strikes. Most often styles are inspired by the fabric itself, textures and colors found in a peculiar setting, and the occasional muse. This may be the opposite of the standard design process, but as a creative person I've always looked to the medium as the message.

Why We Do It

The designs range everywhere in between fashion and function, and embody a fun and flirty spirit. We design styles for every mood and setting. Sexuality is complex- we should not feel the need to be defined by one thing or another. We are always aiming to be "both" in every aspect- hard/soft, masculine/feminine, light/dark, sophisticated/naive, etc. Lingerie is a medium for experimentation, play, and empowerment.

How We Make It


Most of our styles are made from upcycled vintage fabrics in limited editions. I mostly source these fabrics on trips to the desert where all the good stuff hasn't already been picked through. I look mostly look for cotton prints from the 60's & 70's, but also look for stretch fabrics in the vintage lingerie section, and silk scarves with beautiful prints. There is so much joy that comes from finding a few yards of something really special! I truly believe that repurposing materials that already exist in the world is the most sustainable way to bring anything new into being.

When we are not utilizing vintage fabrics, we use new sustainable materials from local suppliers. Lenzing modal jersey is the main stretch fabric we use for our solid black and hand dyed styles. This fabric is created using a closed loop production process, resulting in a material that is durable and long lasting, while still biodegradable. Modal is a cellulose fiber made from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees that multiply by "rejuvenation" which means that the trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required, thus beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material.  

We also use silk, recycled mesh, organic cotton, and remnant/surplus fabrics that are sourced locally. We have also begun sampling styles made from Tencel, and are excited to release those soon. It's our ongoing goal to evolve with the fashion industry as innovations in sustainability are made.  


Our strap materials are mostly new and purchased from our local supplier. Occasionally we use remnant elastics from larger manufacturer orders, or deadstock vintage elastic and hardware in special colors.


Besides black and off white, all colors are hand dyed. We use the following organic dyes: Brazilian Logwood (purples, blacks) Indian Lac (pinks, reds) Caribbean Plants (teals, blues) Osage Orange (yellows.) Indian Lac is sourced from the excrement of the Cochineal insect rather than using the actual insect itself, but we can provide a synthetic alternative for vegan customers who would prefer us not to use this dye. 


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