Meet clare

Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand that started as an idea in the printmaking department at Parsons School of Design 2006. In 2012 we made the move from an apartment in Brooklyn, NY to a design studio in Downtown Los Angeles for "room to grow." Each piece is handmade using eco-friendly, vintage, and salvaged fabrics and trim by a small team of lingerie loving girls- many of which have gone on to create their own lingerie brands or work for reputable companies in the industry. Starting with a blank canvas, Clare Bare transforms raw materials into unique textiles using organic dyes and original silkscreened artwork. Our pieces are designed to accentuate your assets in a natural way, using time-honored techniques yet fashion-forward silhouettes. 


Rather than adhering to the market calendar, we design pieces whenever inspiration strikes. Most often styles are inspired by the fabric itself, textures and colors found in a peculiar setting, and the occasional muse. This may be the opposite of the standard design process, but as a creative person I've always looked to the medium as the message.


The designs range everywhere in between fashion and function, and embody a fun and flirty spirit and a youthful edge. These pieces include soft cup bras, boy shorts, vintage inspired high waisted pieces, garter belts, rompers, and bodysuits.

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